Care: 5 Summer Hair Holiday Essentials

Packing up your beauty essentials for a summer trip that involves the beach is really important to protect your hair from all the washing, swimming, salt water and additional UV-Rays. This weeks’s post is a cooperational blog post from Flechtwerk! Today I will give you some tips on how and what you should take along to keep your hair in the best possible condition after you come back happy and tanned from your beach vacation. 



  • Let’s start with a mild cleaning agent. I like to take Aubrey Organic’s Swimmer’s Shampoo with me. It cleans gently and is especially formulated for active lifestyles and regular uses in the gym and after swimming. Plus it smells like almonds and marzipan! <3
  • My hair is extremely dry so I NEED a very heavy strong conditioner for both the preconditioning and after shampooing. While I lived in Barcelona Aubrey Organics White Camelia was a life safer for my hair and the daily trips to the beach. You can take any that works good with your hair and is on the richer side. 
  • Since your hair will be wet or damp you will want to put is up to get it out of the way – you will need waterproof hair jewellery. I like to use a Flexi8 in Mega, but you can also take acrylic sticks! My order from pacific Merchandise did not arrive yet – I can’t wait for my new waterproof hair sticks ^^.
  • Take a waterproof comb as well – no wood please. I like to take my horn comb, which is my favourite.
  • Take or buy coconut oil and slather it on your hair before you will go swimming. For a easy application fill it into a spray bottle and take it to the beach. Any oil can work you will mostly get  everywhere olive oil. Jojobaoil would be my favourite since it has a natural UV-protection.