The public debt crisis has similarities with that experienced in 1400 Both the financial problems that many institutions of the country know today and the economic , social and political effects that derive from them are not absolutely new: our ancestors experienced them over six hundred years ago, faced with challenges very similar to those of the current ones. Could we say, using an old expression of the scholar J. Miret i Sans who have always tingut bec les oques …? Yes and no, since it would be an operation of doubtful rigor to simply assimilate phenomena that occurred within a feudal society to whatRead More →

With Christmas just around the corner, the needs of every family grow. The magical atmosphere is able to create a holiday. In recent years, many people have come to the end of the year. Many families have turned to LeaseCourse in this period of preparation for Christmas and we have managed to find the best solution for their needs. The Cession of the Fifth is one of the most practical and safe alternatives. 6 reasons to finance your Christmas: Not just a problem. This year, make the eyes of your girlfriend or wife shine and seal your union. The most classic of the colliers couldRead More →

The funds of the CPF (Personal Training Account) amount to 32 billion euros per year. “They consist of a single contribution paid by the companies to the Joint Collective Authorized Collector (OPCA) of their professional branch,” says Armelle Brodart, product manager at Talensoft. Payments vary on the size of the business. Pay with an amount equivalent to 0: 55% of the remuneration paid during the year. Those with ten or more employees pay a contribution to 1% of their payroll. In addition, “adds Armelle Brodart.” In addition, “part of the funds raised is reserved for the Joint Career Securities Fund (FPSPP) in charge of fundingRead More →