How to Make Your Own Hairsticks  I love Haarstaebe – they are very hair friendly, easy to use and you can tune the colors very nicely to your own hair color and outfit. Time to get creative and to make some of it yourself – it’s very easy and there are no limits to your imagination. The own production is also much cheaper and really a lot of fun. Soon you could make your own beauties, like these and these ones. You need: Holzhaarstaebe. I order mine   online . Alternatively, you could buy narrow pipe poles in the hardware store, shorten the desired lengthRead More →

Sitting on your hair – hair length in June My current length is 103 cm measured via SSS. I measured it last in April, 101,5 . I trimmed in May when I did a tutorial for you as seen here.  My ends are very healthy and split end free, thanks to coconut oil, good hair care, gentle combing and the regular trimms. It is just about 4 cm until classic length which was my length goal. I am saying was, because I am not so sure anymore. Lately I felt my hair was overlong. Hah yes we all know it’s overlong ^^ but until now itRead More →

DIY Shea Butter Conditioning Cream   Fox Shea Butter Conditioning Cream Sometimes the end of your hair can be too dry to absorb pure oil – you can try to make your own hair cream – leave in for your ends and lengths by customising your recipe with your favourite oils and conditioner. This cc (conditioning cream) has worked miracles for me and is a again a well known recipe from the long-hair-community. It was originally invented by Fox, here you can find the thread and also read about other combinations that have worked well. Jojoba-oil I used Jojoba-oil because it tends to leave myRead More →

There are probably also some questions: 1. When and why did you start your blog? I believe about one to two years ago. Previously, I ran the blog A-Mermaids-Tale, which was about soap-boiling, natural cosmetics, books, movies, hair and music. A lot of confusion. It was a kind of diary and became personal. I love to read blogs on all possible topics – the main thing I like the writer – then I like the blog. The blog is there because I firmly believe that every beautiful long hair can have – you just have to know how and I help you. Or at leastRead More →

Eaduard Watercolour Acrylic Hairsticks My acrylic watercolour hair sticks finally arrived in just two weeks from Oregon made by Ed. The shipping handling and quality of the hair sticks is simply amazing, they are very smooth and shiny and as you can see from the picture above – they are glowing in daylight like a crystal. I was not so sure about the size, but 6 inch is enough for me, depending on how I do my Up-Do. The colours I got are olivine water, emerald water, ruby red water and blue topaz water. The first two sticks are the normal sizes and the lastRead More →

Flechtwerk: Sleeping Beauty  If your hair is very long or on the way to getting really long you will want to protect it all the time. Sooner or later you will want to find a way to sleep well, comfortable and hair/friendly. I have three options for you that will help your hair staying smooth and untangled. Get a night time routine! The same as a skin care routine you should develop a nightime routine for your hair. It will safe you lots of time in the morning and protect your hair from damage. Here you can see my nightime routine: Comb your hair withRead More →

Care: 5 Summer Hair Holiday Essentials Packing up your beauty essentials for a summer trip that involves the beach is really important to protect your hair from all the washing, swimming, salt water and additional UV-Rays. This weeks’s post is a cooperational blog post from Flechtwerk! Today I will give you some tips on how and what you should take along to keep your hair in the best possible condition after you come back happy and tanned from your beach vacation.  Essentials:   Let’s start with a mild cleaning agent. I like to take Aubrey Organic’s Swimmer’s Shampoo with me. It cleans gently and isRead More →

Care: Spray Gel Recipe & How to Make Curls Last Longer   I am curly by nature and in addition to the frizz problem one has as a curly head again and again the problem that the hair hang out easily. To prevent this, you can make a spray gel that refreshes curls, frizz and also makes for a longer shelf life. It works especially well if you conjure up gentle curls without heat and moisten your dry hair and then turn it on. How to do it… 50 ml of distilled water (available as DM underwater) 2 tablespoons Aloe vera gel from Aubrey OrganicsRead More →

Care : Vitamins and Hairgrowth  How much your hair will grow is determined by your genetic disposition and nothing can change this fact. However you can influence your nutrition and handling of your hair so that you will gain the maximum growth that is possible for you. My hair grows 2 cm a month, everything from 05-2,5 cm is possible. If you decide that you want to take supplements I want you to consult your family doctor FIRST. Especially if you are suffering from any other disease.  1. Drink enough water It is simple – if you drink enough water your metabolism will run smoothly andRead More →

Care: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Recipe An acid rinse belongs to the hair care basics and ensures shine and improved Kaemmbarkeit. The rinse is sour and thus neutralizes chalky water, soap and shampoo residues. It strengthens the shine by helping to close the hair surface and cuticle layer. The hair will be softer and your scalp will be fine too. Some things should be kept in mind: Please do not overdose! 1 teaspoon to one liter of water is more than enough. Do not use if the scalp is irritated and sore. Avoid eye contact. Regular applications reinforce the effect: So do not throw inRead More →