Eaduard Watercolour Acrylic Hairsticks

Resulta ng larawan para sa Eduard Watercolour Acrylic Hair Sticks

My acrylic watercolour hair sticks finally arrived in just two weeks from Oregon made by Ed. The shipping handling and quality of the hair sticks is simply amazing, they are very smooth and shiny and as you can see from the picture above – they are glowing in daylight like a crystal. I was not so sure about the size, but 6 inch is enough for me, depending on how I do my Up-Do. The colours I got are olivine water, emerald water, ruby red water and blue topaz water. The first two sticks are the normal sizes and the last two are pretty chubby sticks that are called oversized in the shop. The emerald green is a very bright flashy colour,  I am very happy with the other three colours that are still glowing but more muted. My favourite is the topaz water – perfect for vacation and holidays. I still have my eyes on a pair of mint water in a smaller size and again a chubby one in peach water. They are very comfortable and finally I have waterproof hair sticks that I can wear while swimming and showering. Here is Ed’s shop, his items are all hand made and he has a huge range of beautiful acrylic colours. Since a picture of red hair and the ruby red was requested – here it is, I think the colours go well together. The second picture has a strange lighting, but a ruby red is still nice for the redheads that are more on the copper side since my tone is an auburn colour.