How to Make Your Own Hairsticks

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I love Haarstaebe – they are very hair friendly, easy to use and you can tune the colors very nicely to your own hair color and outfit. Time to get creative and to make some of it yourself – it’s very easy and there are no limits to your imagination. The own production is also much cheaper and really a lot of fun. Soon you could make your own beauties, like these and these ones.

You need:

  • Holzhaarstaebe. I order mine   online . Alternatively, you could buy narrow pipe poles in the hardware store, shorten the desired length and then drill a hole with a drill, or, pure grooves.
  • Seconds or 2-component glue
  • Metal pens (available in Bastle / Hobbyladen)
  • Beads, gems and spacers as desired

That is how it goes:

  1. Provide material 2. Make your topper together until you like it 3rd and 4th Carefully apply some glue to the pin, then slowly push the beads upwards 5. Add a small amount of glue to the opening of the hair rod 6. Wait a few seconds and then put both parts together.

    Approximately Allow to dry upright for 1 day. Have fun with your new hair stick!

    I hope you liked this tutorial and you also tinker Haarstaebe once. Looking for a hairstyle? Try the Chameleon Bun – the hair rod I use there I made myself ?
     I love to use hairsticks – they are easy to use, very hair friendly and you can match the colors of the hair jewelery very easily to your clothes and outfit. It is very easy and just a few things are necessary. It is an avenue way to create beauties like thesis and thesis.

You will need:

  • Wooden hair sticks. I am ordering mine online , so you can create your own by buying a wooden piece in a place like canadian tire or OBI and then shortening the woodstick and creating wholes with a drill. Leave them in their natural color or paint them as you desire.
  • Strong glue, can be two component epoxy or simple UHU
  • Metal pins (can be found in craft stores)
  • Your desired beads and spacers


1. Get your material ready 2. Think about your shape and topper, try out until you like a combination 3. + 4. Put glue on your pin and carefully pull the beads up 5. Put a small amount of glue on the inside of your hairstick and wait for a few seconds 6. Put the topper in the hole and let dry in an upright position for a whole day
Enjoy your new hairstick! I hope you liked this tutorial and you are now looking forward to your own hairsticks. For the up-do instructions try out the chameleon bun ? The hairstick I am using there is so selfmade.