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The funds of the CPF (Personal Training Account) amount to 32 billion euros per year. “They consist of a single contribution paid by the companies to the Joint Collective Authorized Collector (OPCA) of their professional branch,” says Armelle Brodart, product manager at Talensoft.

Payments vary on the size of the business. Pay with an amount equivalent to 0: 55% of the remuneration paid during the year. Those with ten or more employees pay a contribution to 1% of their payroll. In addition, “adds Armelle Brodart.” In addition, “part of the funds raised is reserved for the Joint Career Securities Fund (FPSPP) in charge of funding the training of job-seekers or low-skilled workers.

A credit of 150 hours

Opened at sixteen, the new device follows its beneficiary throughout his life. “Adds Isabelle Dubose, Director of the Trainees Relationship to the Directorate General of AFPA Training is now attached to the person and not to his situation.”

24 hours per year within a limit of 150 hours for a full-time permanent contract. For part-time employees, their credit is calculated pro rata of hours worked.

In companies with more than 50 employees, an additional 100-hour bonus is automatically granted to an employee who has not received a professional interview within two years and at least two of the following three actions: training, a professional or salary promotion, the acquisition of elements of certification or qualification by the training or the VAE. In addition, “says Armelle Brodart,” the company will pay the OPCA up to 30 euros per hour.

Possible contributions

If the credit accumulated by the CPF holder is insufficient to cover a training in its entirety, several options remain possible. “The company can be supplemented by the company, Opca, Opacif, Agefiph * according to its situation,” confirms Isabelle Dubose. An employee also has the opportunity to personal abide.

As for the job seeker, “says Laurence Dubois, Director of Human Resources, Leonardo da Vinci Group. In order to benefit from a matching contribution, a jobseeker’s curriculum must also correspond to a need for labor or territorial skills. In general, “armor Brodart warns” priority is given to the accounts of jobseekers and people with little or no qualification for matching.

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Ancillary costs

“In the annual envelope for the CPF,” he says 300,000 euros, “says Isabelle Dubose.” Expenses resulting from childcare may also be covered during the course of the training. “Armelle Brodart.” The ancillary costs of employees are borne by the employer in the framework of the company agreement or by the Opca.


“Laurence Dubois says,” The employee is paid by his employer if his training takes place during his working hours. However, the remuneration of staff is provided by the hourly cost of the Smic. As for jobseekers, Armelle Brodart explains: “They continue to receive their unemployment benefits in their course of study.”