Sitting on your hair – hair length in June


My current length is 103 cm measured via SSS. I measured it last in April, 101,5 . I trimmed in May when I did a tutorial for you as seen here.  My ends are very healthy and split end free, thanks to coconut oil, good hair care, gentle combing and the regular trimms. It is just about 4 cm until classic length which was my length goal. I am saying was, because I am not so sure anymore. Lately I felt my hair was overlong. Hah yes we all know it’s overlong ^^ but until now it never felt like that for me ?  I will grow it until classic for sure and then decide if I want to cut it ultimately.

I had a lot of comments from people lately, two young girls were just stopping me on the street and started to ask me what kind of shampoo I use and how my hair is so long and healthy ? It was funny and nice but also a little bit strange for me.

My holidays in Barcelona were great, that’s why you have a nice background on my length shot! 4 girls at the hostel were asking me for hair care tips as well, it is always funny when somebody you don’t know starts to talk about your hair and hair in general. The length gets a lot of attention and I don’t know if I really like that.

And I had a funny AHA moment too : I can sit on my hair now :o) You can re-read my tips on how to keep your ends healthy here in case you missed them.
Did you ever experienced that people from outside talk to you about your hair? How do you react? Love and thanks for reading, Louisa ?