There are probably also some questions:
1. When and why did you start your blog? I believe about one to two years ago. Previously, I ran the blog A-Mermaids-Tale, which was about soap-boiling, natural cosmetics, books, movies, hair and music. A lot of confusion. It was a kind of diary and became personal. I love to read blogs on all possible topics – the main thing I like the writer – then I like the blog. The blog is there because I firmly believe that every beautiful long hair can have – you just have to know how and I help you. Or at least try it ?
2. Do you have a role model for your blog? I like the big beauty blogs because they are so well-arranged, but actually there is no role model. ?

3. Do you read many blogs? Yes, definitely and for all possible topics. I would rather read blogs than info on a homepage or a cookbook. I can identify with the girls and products and effects are described honestly.

4. Since when have you been more interested in beauty & make-up? Hm well for make-up not so much. I try to learn make-up tips from the beauty blogs, but I really can not get that great out of the girls. Hair care and homemade cosmetics have always interested me.

5. Which product brand has most impressed you and why? Aubrey Organics. Everything is just right – effect, quality, ingredients and ethics.
6. Do you have a favorite lipstick or nail polish color? I have to admit to my shame that I’m wearing only mascara and peach-colored rouge. Frivolous by Chanel & Le Volume by Chanel. I think I could try to buy a Chubby Stick from Clinique – they should be great. As Nagelleackfarben I like Nude and the really dark red Vampy reds dearest.


7. Which kiss-mouth impression do you leave on paper? See Lipstickless
8. Your apartment is on fire and you have time to save 3 beauty products from the flames. Which one would you take?


Source: Uploaded by user via Jackie on Pinterest

My favorite perfume Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder? My horn comb? Ah the hair jewelry box: p!
9. What else can you do without when shopping: shoes, clothing, chocolate, make-up?

Since I’m actually only wearing Converse, my wardrobe is made of 80% HM and I buy about 1 time a year new make-up – I take the chocolate.
10. lipstick or lip gloss? Lip balm?
11. I never leave the house without …? Key, cellphone & wallet.

Then there is the book TAG:

Sparki tagged me here.
1) Which is your favorite book? Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. The alchemist of Paulo Coelho. The Handmaid’s Tale. A Song of Fire & Ice and thousands more.


2) Which is the worst book you have ever read? Well, they have disappeared from my memory again. There were so many.
3) How often do you read? Every day :), always before falling asleep. If I have nothing to do on the weekend and a good book is there all day long.
4) What does your bookmark look like? Bouquet paper with a rose inserted.
5) What is your favorite Changre? I like classic English literature, fantasy and history novels. But actually I read everything, I love to sink into the world of books – only then I forget everything that happens around me and worries me.
6) Would you first read the book or watch the movie? Always the book. The films are getting worse and worse.
7) Which book would you never give back? North & South of Gaskell, it was a gift from my mother.
8) How many books do you have in your bookshelf? About 150. Aeh yes. On the shelf. In the basement. At my parents.
9) Are your books meticulously organized or confused? Confused.
10) How many unread books are stacked with you? 0. Need urgent replenishment.
11) Do you have certain criteria when buying books? How do you choose? Actually not, the plot must be correct, nice berths are great but incidentally.

10 questions DAY

My 10 questions

1. Hand on heart – what is your little nutritional sin?
Biscuits and chocolate. I am a sweet tooth and could only feed myself with organic oatcakes with chocolate. But I’m also a big fruit and salad lover. That makes up for it again.

2nd dog or cat?
Cats! I am still waiting for the day when I have enough time for a cat – my friend loves cats too much – fortunately. In front of dogs I’m scared – except for a few fluffy sweet exceptions like Heike’s Hurly Woelfchen.


3. What is your favorite country / city?
Barcelona – I lived and studied there for about 8 months and I wish I was still there ? My favorite country is Canada, my friend is Canadian and I did some internships there so we could spend more time together.

4. Which magazine do you most like to read?
Shape hm Petra hm Brigitte? But most of all I read blogs – better than any magazine. In some journals are often only contentless texts – that’s a pity.

5. Do you have a weird / embarrassing / annoying habit? Which?
Oh dear. Certainly thousands.

6. Do you like sweet snacks like chocolate or spicy like chips?
Palatable. And sour.
7. What was your favorite subject in elementary school and did you still like it at secondary school?
Art. Later then English and bio.

8. Do you like thrillers?
Why not? The crimson rivers is awesome.

9. Which song do you dislike?
Everything in the direction of HipHop and RnB. My goodness these texts ..

10. If you look at old photos from your 14th year: What beauty and styling tips would you give your former self? Probably none – I’ve never really cared about my styling when I was younger ? Other things I found more and more important.
So now for onward lending: So I never know who already had an award or not, so I’ll just tag all the blogs I like to read. You are addressed ? Also with the TAGs, which are always very nice I think: o) If you join in – leave a Kommi with me, I then link you here. I would be glad. Schmunselhaare? Fairypet? Forti? Heike? Nessa? Mugili? Sushii? Prusse?
Best wishes and a nice sunday!