Care : Vitamins and Hairgrowth

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How much your hair will grow is determined by your genetic disposition and nothing can change this fact. However you can influence your nutrition and handling of your hair so that you will gain the maximum growth that is possible for you. My hair grows 2 cm a month, everything from 05-2,5 cm is possible. If you decide that you want to take supplements I want you to consult your family doctor FIRST. Especially if you are suffering from any other disease. 
1. Drink enough water It is simple – if you drink enough water your metabolism will run smoothly and your hair growth will be affected like everything else. Drink plain water or herbal teas and cut down black tea or coffee since they will just deplete you of water as they are natural diuretics.
2. Do Sports Be healthy and keep in motion- it will affect your well being to a very high extend : if you are happy and healthy your hair will definitely be in a good shape as well. 

3. Healthy Diet If you are on a diet please take care of your protein intake and the amount of essential oils. You hair needs that to be shiny and strong, Great sources are nuts, avocados, salmon or seafish and olive oil. If you are underweight your hair will not be in a good condition because your body will cut down on everything that is not necessary for your survival.
4. Keep your ends healthy For the up-tienth time I am saying microtrimms and oiling them. If you are not taking care of them the hair growth will just break off without you even noticing.
5. Get your Check-Ups regularly If you hair just does not grow maybe it’s time to see your doctor.. Common problems are thyroid issues and anaemia due to a lack of iron and ferritin. Especially if you are suffering from hair loss. Keep track of your health and yourself and get regular check-ups. 



  • fish oil : is full of lovely essential oils that will benefit the shine of your hair
  • biotin: necessary for cell proliferation and a lack will cause brittle nails and dry hair as well as hairloss
  • magnesium and calcium: important for your muscles and bones as well as neural system
  • zinc and selen: zink will enhance the pigmentation of your hair colour and selen is also important if you are suffering from auto-immune diseases
  • bierhefe “baking yeast” – Saccharomyces cerevisiae: I personally did not see a real benefit this is something that you can give a try and see if it works for you

It is important to keep in mind that you have to keep track of the maximum doses of everything – overdoing it can cause neural and cardiac problems as well as nephrotic diseases since your kidney has to work double shifts to filter all unnecessary things out of your system. 
What do you think about supplements? Do you take any and have you seen a benefit? Love, Lousia ?
Resulta ng larawan para sa Care : Vitamins and Hair Growth