Review: Jason Body Enhancing Conditioner Who in winter like me has to fight with weak, featureless and dry hair, of course, must take care twice in the care. After I started some frustrane attempts with Balea Kondis I returned to good rich natural cosmetics after they were used up. Of course, I continue to do my argan oil treatments just like the daily top oil with argan oil. The Jason Kondi is very rich and has a wonderful floral scent.    Jason Body Enhancing Conditioner has a thick waxy creamy consistency. When applied, it can thus be distributed well and is very productive. He ensuresRead More →

Wickerwork: My Hair Care Routine    I was asked about my care routine some time ago, as it is a very detailed post about my rather complicated care routine and I wash my hair at full moon in the Aquarius star in the brook;) this became a topic of our blogging cooperation! I’m curious what the other girls write about it – because our hair types could hardly be more different! Heike smooth fine, slightly dry hair Nessa very thick very silky smooth hair Wuscheline curly strong hair is structurally very similar Bobby wavy hair Lenja fine straight hair About my hair type My hairRead More →

Toxic Thursday : Parabenes & Health Risks Parabens have long been in the discussion of toxicity and being carcinogen.  A good topic for toxic thursday! A few beauty companies have picked up on that and are actually marketing their products as paraben-free. All natural and organic companies are not allowed to use parabens and their derivates. But first of all, What are parabenes and why are they used? Parabens are parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid and a widely used preservative in cosmetics. They do prevent bacterial, microorganism and fungi growth very effectively in cosmetics and food and are very cost efficient and cheap.  However, there are some controversial aspects.Read More →