DIY Shea Butter Conditioning Cream


Fox Shea Butter Conditioning Cream

Sometimes the end of your hair can be too dry to absorb pure oil – you can try to make your own hair cream – leave in for your ends and lengths by customising your recipe with your favourite oils and conditioner. This cc (conditioning cream) has worked miracles for me and is a again a well known recipe from the long-hair-community. It was originally invented by Fox, here you can find the thread and also read about other combinations that have worked well.
Jojoba-oil I used Jojoba-oil because it tends to leave my hair softer for a longer time. Jojoba-oil is actually a wax with a very low heat point – that’s why it stays liquid in room temperature. It has a natural UV filter as well – makes it great for taking along on holidays! You will find Jojoba-oil in pharmacies and health food stores. The darker the golden colour and the stronger nutty the smell – the more unrefined an oil – the better!
Shea butter great for your hair and especially for skin care. It is slightly creamy in room temperature and has a strong scent if unrefined. I prefer to work with refined shea butter because it is more neutral and easier to combine. You can order sheabutter online , my favourite store is behawe. There is also a shea nicoltica version which is a creamier vanilla scented shea butter – it is more pricey and I did not try it out yet , but I have heard many good things about this one too.
Conditioner It should be a conditioner that works well with your hair and is preferably silicone free. Some might be concerned that a small amount of tensid will stay in your hair – I personally have never encountered any negative effects. I have been using this recipe for over two years now.

How to:

– Melt the shea butter in a hot water bath by using a bowl and placing it inside a little pan with hot water  (see the picture hot water bath). Stirr if needed. – add the Jojoba-oil – add the conditioner and stirr until smooth, 
If you want and are making bigger quantities, you can use a kitchen aid to fluff it up and will then get shea-cream a very fluffy mix. Stirr and put in the freezer every couple of minutes until desired consistency. 

hot water bath – how to meld sheabutter and oils in a gentle way

Extra: If you leave the conditioner out you can make your own body butter and add essential oils of your choice ? I have one with lavender and one with japanese mint.  If you do a fragrance free mix you can use it for your face as well by combining a great oil like argan oil and shea butter – for sensitive skin apply on damp skin.


put into your damp hair after washing – use as a styling aid to help fight fizz – use as a thick pre-wash treatment -protect your ends from daily tear and dryness
Did you ever try out this or a similar recipe? How were your results? Or do you think you can never beat pure oil as a leave in?
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